The Course Description

Having dealt with the reading list, my next consideration was the course description. This has been published in the course catalogue so I have to stick to the sense if not the letter of the published description.

Here’s what the catalogue entry currently says.

EG-247 Signals and Systems

Module Aims

To develop further methods of representing and analysing dynamic systems, to extend these concepts to sampled-data systems, to introduce concepts in signal processing and to use computer-aided methods for modelling and analysis.

Module Content

  • Review of signal representations and transform concepts.
  • Harmonic responses, parametric plots, logarithmic measures for linear systems.
  • Laplace domain representations and corresponding time responses.
  • Fundamentals of Fourier series, DFT from FT.
  • Fundamentals of Sampled data signals, digital systems, z-transforms, responses and FIR digital filters.
  • Implementations of IIR and FIR pulse transfer functions.


Lectures, Matlab practicals and examples classes.

Intended Learning Outcomes

After completing this module you should be able to: • Construct harmonic response diagrams in standard form

  • Construct pole-zero diagrams and derive associated responses
  • Determine system responses for given standard inputs
  • Discuss the nature of analogue and digital signals and systems
  • Describe the different forms of Fourier representations
  • Derive the Fourier representations of simple signals
  • Apply the DFT to simple sequences
  • Determine the response of digital systems to standard inputs
  • Design FIR digital filters and describe their implementation

Transferrable Skills

On successful completion of the module, students should be able to show experience and enhancement of the following key skills:

  • Independent learning
  • Problem solving and design skills based on mathematical modelling and analytical approaches


  1. Examination (80%)
  2. Continuous Assessment (20%)

As I am taking over the course, this has to be my starting point. If I was developing a new course, I’d have gone through a process of development and module approval within my Board of Studies and Committee and College Learning and Teaching committee, and the programme description would still be my starting point.

This information is automatically added to the Blackboard site for my module by my institution. It is extracted from the course catalogue and automatically populates the Module Information page. Therefore, if I need to make changes, I have to do it on the Course Catalogue.