Supporting the Seven Principles with Blackboard Learn

I attended a Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series webinar on Monday which discussed how Blackboard Learn can be used to support Chickering and Gamson’s Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education [1]. This was a very nice presentation from Ronald Scott Wennerdahl and Crystal Sheu of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. And there are some good ideas that I will need to think about in relation to my own teaching coming up next semester. The video has just been published on YouTube.


[1] Chickering, Arthur W. and Gamson, Zelda F, “Seven principles for good practice in undergraduate education” American Association of Higher Education Bulletin vol.39 no.7 pp.3-7 1987. URL:

3 Replies to “Supporting the Seven Principles with Blackboard Learn”

  1. The end result of design by software engineers? Maybe when Google is done re-imagining email, they can re-fabricate discussion forums.

    I get dizzy whenever discussion forums are mentioned. In a time when they were the only way to communicate to a large group online, it was like magic. Now it often ends up like a sprawling mess of fallen spaghetti. Features are functionality are important, and can help some, but I dont think is the complete answer.

    What is? If I knew, I’d be making it….

      1. There is a lot to like about discourse, Chris, or perhaps less to dislike. It’s clean, elegant, and has a lot of the features you found shortened on (and then some).

        I still deal with a real pit in my stomach aversion for forums, and its not the features/technologies. They were super vital when they were really the only mode to have a community conversation, but now the locations for where people put their attention is in many places. Forums take focused attention, frequent tending/attention and often (to me) just feel like idea sprawl; it becomes an unwieldy pile.

        But I would recommend it highly if you are looking for something that was not designed with a 1980s BBS mind set.

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