#BYOD4L wraps

So the January 2018 run of Bring  Your Own Device for Learning (BYOD4L) is over! Thanks to the team, Sheila McNeil, Alex Spiers, Neil Withnell, Debbie Baff, and Suzanne Faulkner for their expert guidance!

I didn’t do the tasks, but I did do a fair amount of connecting, communicating and curating this time.

My TiddlyWiki record of #BYOD4L 2018 is byod4l.cpjobling.net. It’s one HTML page (index.html) which you can copy by pressing the save button. (The magic is all done with JavaScript.)

This TiddlyWiki an open resource (CC BY), so do explore, steal, and remix!

Techy Stuff

The Super Techy Stuff

If you want to do something similar, get yourself a GitHub account; clone github.com/cpjobling/byod4l.cpjobling.net. Check out the website for the branchgh-pages. Open index.html in your browser. Find out more about TiddlyWiki, and how to use it, here.

BYOD4LChat Number 1

I created this page as a proof of concept using CoDog’s link extraction tool on the story that was curated by Sheila McNeil.

Observations, long tweetchats like this should be edited in the Text view in WordPress. Rendering the tweets in the Visual HTML editor view is not something that the WordPress can cope with, but is probably necessary if you want to add commentary to a chat rather than a straight record.

The page will take a long time to load as each tweet has fetched as HTML, embedded in the post and rendered by the browser! (I assume Storify caches the embedded tweets somehow to avoid overloading the Twitter APIs.)

There’s a danger that you might crash your WordPress server!

Conclusion, a story which can be archived as a static website (See Archiving Tweetchats) may actually be preferable!

Here is the Archived Chat

BYOD4L 2018

Cat in sillhouetteIt’s time for Bring Your Own Device for Learning 2018 (my 6th) and this year there are 5 additional C’s (Confidence, Capability, Copyright, Community and Celebrating) to add to the usual menu of ConnectingCommunicating, Curating, Collaborating, and Creating.

I’m probably not going to have the freedom that I had last year to contribute as much as I would like, but I will be using a new curation tool – TiddlyWiki  – and its mobile editing app Quine.

You can follow my progress by checking out my Byod4L TiddyWiki on Dropbox. Just download a copy of index.html and open it in a browser.

To Be or Not to Be?

[Cross posted from my Work Blog.]


Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet, with Yorick's skull (photographer: James Lafayette, c. 1885–1900).
Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet, with Yorick’s skull (photographer: James Lafayette, c. 1885–1900). Image from Wikimedia Commons as published in Hamlet (Wikipedia).

I’ve had a work blog, courtesy of my employer Swansea University, for a number of years, but rarely use it.

Instead, I tend to post most often in this personal blog.

So, at the start of this new year, a time for reflection and resolutions, I find myself asking myself should I keep this blog and start using it more systematically or should I abandon it?

In answering this, I suppose I intended my work blog to be a place for reflecting on my teaching and learning and to support my students taking my courses?

This blog was meant to be more personal, but in reality, takes on more of these work-related issues than my work blog does.

Should I, therefore, copy the posts over from my work blog to this blog, and have a single place to reflect? Or should I leave things as they are?

For an open practitioner (as I hope that I am) Is there an advantage in having separate work and personal blogs?

Are there disadvantages?

Which is the real me?

What do you think?


Reclaiming my sites

My adventures of Domain of One’s Own with Reclaim Hosting continues.

I’ve just resurrected the Dokuwiki that I used for various modules related to Internet and Communications Technology (ICCT). You’ll find this at its new home at dokuwiki.cpjobling.net.

I’ve also set up a new development blog using the static-website generation tool Nikola. You’ll find Crispy Dev hosted at dev.cpjobling.net as well as on GitHub at cpjobling.github.io/dev.cpjobling.net.