Tube Map of the Internet

Discovered yesterday in my massive “first-day back” trawl of my RSS feeds was this interesting visualization of the most important web destinations shown as an underground or metro map (actually based on Tokyo’s I believe). One version is a clickable image (with pop-up snap shots of the sites themselves) that you can use as a browser start page which should provide hours of fun. You can also get PDFs that print the map in A3 size as well as the possibilty to buy A2 posters, use it as a desktop image or a screen saver (Mac OSX only!). The map was develoiped by Information Architects, a “strategic design agency” located in Tokyo, Japan.

Inbox Zero

It’s been a while but I’m sort of back in harness after my vacation (even if actually at home in my pyjamas). One of the issues that always occurs after a period away is dealing with the email after a period away. To this end, this video by Merlin Mann of 43folders may help. It provides some useful tips about how to deal with after-vacation email as well as the ongoing problem of dealing with email on a daily basis. It comes down to a simple strategy for processing email: empty the email inbox every time that you visit it. You do this by some variation of a processing procedure that does one of these five things with each message:

  • delete (or archive)

  • delegate

  • respond

  • defer

  • do

Watch the video for more detail and for the interesting discussion (with Google knowledge workers) and be inspired!