The Blackboard Quest

The [Swansea Learning Lab]( had planned that tomorrow there would be a “lunch and learn” [E-Learning Showcase]( at which I was going to present the “Blackboard Quest”. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, this session has been postponed. However, as I already had the slides ready, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and share what I was going to say anyway and test-drive a nifty new Web 2.0 feature at [](, that allows the on-line creation of a narrated slide show (or *slidecast*) to be created. I uploaded my presentation slides and synched it to an MP3 commentary and [here it is]( If you’re at Swansea, and you want to find out more, some additional material has been made available in the [blackboard quest community]( in [Oremi](

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Introduction to Computer Science 2007

Harvard College Extension School’s “Introduction to Computer Science” is running again. This course, run by David J. Malan, is an excellent example of the use of multimedia for distance learning. The 12 week programme (which recommenced on 17th September) is designed for adult learners and distance learning and goes from bits and bytes through algorithms, programming and the web. David invites the world to follow along by making audio and video recordings of his lectures, his notes and additional golden nuggets of content that are provided by his teaching assistants, all available through an RSS feed. Here’s the link:

I shall be tuning in, if only because David and his colleagues are really good at teaching and I’m always on the look out for new tips. Plus, I will probably learn something!