What no star?

I just noticed (because I haven’t used it seriously for a while) that Google Reader has gotten rid of the “star” which I used to use to share articles that I had read with my FriendFeed and my own Crispy Feeds feed. It’s been replaced by G+ and Share with Google+ buttons. I suppose it makes sense from Google’s point of view that the default way to share from its feed reader should be through it’s own social network, and to be fair, other sharing options are still available from Google Reader via the Send to option. But even so, now I have to find out how to add my G+ feed to my other aggregators … unless some kind soul can drop me a hint in the comments.

Stop Press

I just noticed that the star has not gone at all, it’s just fainter and to the left hand side. Still, let the post stand, this is after all a post, and posts have been few and far between of late, and the thing about identifying the feed for my G+ is still relevant.