Two Busses

There’s a complaint in Britain that if you are waiting for a bus, you’ll be waiting for a long time, then two will come along at once! On Wednesday this week, I was burning the midnight oil trying to beg, borrow and steal some examples of realistic Groovlets (servlets in Grrovy) for my final lecture on Scripting Languages in which I wanted to cover web applications. Not one example in all the articles I read on the groovy home site could tell me how to actually get the parameters of a HTTP request as a map (I found out from the javax.servlet APIs eventually) which I knew how to do in Python and Perl! And there was really nothing more substantial than an HelloWorld servlet anywhere to be found! Then, at home, the evening after delivering my less-than-ideal lecture, I find that Andrew Glover has published his latest <Practically Groovy article (Go server-side up, with Groovy, published 15th March)and it covers Groovlets, GSP and database integration! Jusat what I, and I guess the Groovy community, needed! Next year, I’ll try to be at the bus stop a bit earlier!