REAP Conference (almost) missed

After an announcement on the Learning Lab blog, I had signed up for the on-line REAP (Re-Engineering Assessment Practices) conference that took place between 29th and 31st May last week. And then with examination assessment and other distractions, promptly forgot all about it. Because I also neglecting my email, I also missed all the reminders that appeared in my in-box until Thursday lunchtime. So I was only able to catch part of the final on-line discussion session! Nonetheless, the sessions looked interesting and I will need to spend some time reviewing all of the materials.

I am also signed up for the JISC Innovating e-Learning 2007 online conference which starts next week. (I actually paid £50 for that, so maybe I’ll take it more seriously.) Unfortunately, it’s also another week of examination meetings! Anyway, I have caught the opening of “reading week” so I should be equipped to attend at least some of the sessions … and hopefully blog about some of the interesting things!