Place to record experiments with no-markup markup

As a first part in a series of experiments on [light-weight markup languages]( (e.g. for blogs, wilkis, presentations etc) I have installed the [PyBlosxom]( blogging tool. It tool a few minutes more than the 10 minutes claimed in the [user guide]( But it’s working now. For future reference the URL (or should that be [URI]( is []( An advantage of PyBlosxom (and [Perl Blosxom ]( that inspired it) is that the blog entries are just text files which can be edited in any text editor and kept under version control. A rich family of plug-ins allows various transformations to take place when the blog is rendered by the pyblosxom.cgi script. These include [reStructuredText](, [textile](, [markdown](, [wikitext](, etc.

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