No PLENK this week

Apart from multitasking through the two Elluminate sessions this week and “curating” the course materials in my Week 4 Pearltree, I’ve hardly participated in #PLENK2010 this week. It’s not because of the week four effect discussed in Dave Comier’s blog posting Cluster and Focus -> Surviving week 4 of a MOOC, neither is it the “painful and confusing” nature of this week’s topic PLE/PLN and learning theories. Rather its the imposition of real life. This week is the first week of my University’s new academic year and there’s been just too much to do.

Unfortunately, the materials continue to pile up: 88 unread posts in the 16 Week 4 discussions, countless missed tweets and 6 day’s of “The Daily”.

“Cluster and focus” says Dave … easy for you to say, say I.