my bookmarks 11/29/2011

Allen Wirfs-Brock discusses the various computing eras and the change we are currently going through, leaving the PC era and entering a new one characterized by mobility, clouds, HTML and content.

tags:computing pc programming ambient computing javascript cloud
Plagiarism | Common Craft

“An introduction of the basics of plagiarism and how to avoid it, told via a story of a student completing an assignment” as shared by the Wales RSC

tags:wales RSC disgital literacy plagiarism eg-353 sr-311
Digital collections and archives for learning, teaching and research | JISC Content

“This website provides an introduction to digital collections designed for education. They are mainly aimed at university students, researchers and librarians but many of the online archives are open to anyone. The collections cover areas such as history, social sciences, or science and engineering and include, for example, journals, newspapers and images.”

tags:jisc content resources collections digital archive library rsc
Occupy Flash – The movement to rid the world of the Flash Player plugin

Mentioned on The Guardian Tech Weekly Podcast 22/11/2011.

tags:flash html5 browser web web applications electronic voting systems

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