my bookmarks 11/23/2011

“FASTECH is designed to use readily available technologies to support the systemic enhancement of assessment and feedback strategies and practices at programme, faculty and institutional levels. A key aim is to provide evidence of, and guidelines for, technological improvements and change processes that can be used to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of assessment and feedback at these levels throughout the sector. By welcoming engagements, developing our work with, and inviting contributions from members of the HE community throughout the project, we aim to build a strong community of practice, focussed upon developing understanding of how to improve assessment and feedback practices and environments.”

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This seems to me to be one of the most significant presentations seen at this year’s JISC Innovating e-Learning (online) Conference. It;s particularly relevant as it aligns closely with our own agenda.

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HTML5 Rocks – A resource for open web HTML5 developers

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HTML5 Rocks – HTML5 vs Native: The Mobile App Debate

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