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Mark Pilgrim wrote Dive Into Python (bookmarked elsewhere in this collection) and here he is writing an emerging O’Reilly Book called “HTML5: up and running” which will be released in a similar way … in paper with on-line version available under Creative Commons. It is now being maintained by the community.

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A long digression into how browsers handle unknown elements

Part of Chapter 3 or Mark Pilgrim’s “Dive into HTML5″ that discusses how browsers handle unknown elements that introduces a JavaScript fix that will enable Internet Explorer to build the correct DOM from an HTML5 document which will enable the new element to be styled and accessed by JavaScript.

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How Did We Get Here? – Dive Into HTML5

Chapter 1 of “Dive into HTML5″ the on-line version of Mark Pilgrim’s book that will eventually be published as HTML5: Up and Running by Google Press to be published by O’Reilly. I’ve linked this because it’s a very nice potted history of how HTML came to be.

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Detecting HTML5 Features – Dive Into HTML5

Chapter 2 of Mark Pilgrim’s book. This one is interesting in that it is both a discussion on how you might, as a web developer, use JavaScript to detect your customer’s browser support for the new HTML5 features, as well as, at the same time, using these/

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