Lunch and Learn: Enters the Blogsphere

I’ve just returned to my office after attending a Lunch and Learn session on Blogging and the uses of Blogging in education. Nichola van den Berg from LIS was the presenter and she gave a very nice introduction to blogging to an audience of academics who were new to the subject. A couple of things that I took away from the session were (1) I could do more to get my students blogging and (2) I could do more with this blog.

  1. The idea of my EG-153 blogging exercise is to get students to recognise the benefits of blogging as a research tool. It sort of works, but I don’t think they become bloggers as a result. It occurs to me that blogging would also be a great way opf supporting their LEAP activities. Another couple of ideas that come immediately to mind are Blogs would make a reasonable alternative to log books; group blogs would be useful for GDEs; and research blogs would help in planning and gatherinhg materials for the dissertation project.

  2. It could also be versy useful for reflectingon my own teaching and professional development, which is why I need to use it more. Question is do I reflect here or in a separate blog?


p>Some of these were illustrated in Nichola’s talk so I know that they work elsewhere. Expect more on this topic!