Lifecasting on iStalkr

Just discovered []( a *Lifecasting* site which allows you to add RSS feeds from all your stuff and creates a *time line* of your activities. I [signed up today]( and have added streams from my:

– []( bookmarks

– []( twitterings

– Starred [google reader items](http://

– [Flickr photos](

– And this blog…

So now, theoretically, I should be able to start to automatically build a complete record of my “*for public consumption*” activities just by *doing stuff*. Solves the problem of how do you blog, bookmark, twitter-on, announce new photos and new podcasts, etc etc and keep a record without doing any extra work! This smart web 2.0 web site does it all for you. All you need is to subscribe to and use web services that provide an RSS feed (and most do), register the RSS feed, and iStalkr does the rest. It also allows tracking of friends so that others can drop in on you.

Hopefully it doesn’t encourage real stalkers though….

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