Ideas for posts

Apart from one or two errors, the translation of my scrawl on the left to the text on the right is pretty good!The 17th annual conference of the Association for Learning Technology ALT-C 2010 has just ended. And though I did not attend, I was fairly fully engaged with the keynote and invited sessions that were streamed via CrowdVine in Elluminate and will be made available on the ALT-C channel on YouTube.

Reflection starts now and I thought that I would use my newest e-learning gadget, my [LiveScribe Echo]( pen, and trial copy of [MyScript for LiveScribe]( to jot down and post some ideas for possible topics for this or the [Swansea Learning Lab Community]( blog.
Here is the list of possible blogging topics (mostly questions rather than answers note):
How to engage with Twitter.
Why don’t academics use technology?
Is the lecture dead?
What can we learn from the hole in the wall?
Should students be telling us what to do?
Carrot and sticks: could we change academics attitudes to effective ICT [for learning]?
Remote attendance at conferences – could it be better than being there?
Using LiveScribe or similar in lectures (as a lecturer rather than as a student).

Hopefully, this page will serve as a reminder to think about and write some of these up over the coming academic year.
The discussion will no doubt continue for a few days yet in the Twitterverse (tag [#altc2010](, on [Cloud Works](, and in [Facebook](!/ALTC2010).