I don’t want to be a lecturer anymore

I’ve just read Don Tapscott’s critique of the modern university (The Demise of the University, The Edge) and I’ve decided that I don’t want to be that lecturer who mainly broadcasts his lectures anymore. I know I’ve dabbled with all kinds of technology assisted media over the years: I’ve played with wikis, blogs, podcasts and Blackboard … but always as a source of information that is sent to students. There’s been little or no information exchange, it’s been largely a one-way, rarely a two-way conversation.

The primary delivery mode is still the 50 minute lecture with PowerPoint with the audience sitting, mutely watching, and often falling asleep. My technique may be “post Gutenburg” perhaps, but its hardly earth shattering. I need to facilitate learning by encouraging discussion: there has to be some actual conversation in my courses. I need to facilitate my Students’ learning and stop lecturing.

Shamed by Tapscott, It’s time that I also recognise that it’s time for a change. But how to proceed?