I added my first Sidewiki comment

Appropriately enough added to my own [posterous.com](http://posterous.com) blog posting about Sidewiki.

Unexpected, but perhaps not suprising, was the discovery that as a Google “customer”, you can post your comments to your Blogger blog(s)! Twitter, Facebook and other social sharing possibilities surely must be close behind.

in reference to: > “In the latest update of the Google Toolbar (IE and FireFox …”
> – [Google Sidewiki – Half baked but crispy](http://cpjobling.posterous.com/google-sidewiki-14) ([view on Google Sidewiki](http://www.google.com/sidewiki/entry/114765763466148616187/id/k2vrAVfGxR5kXoXZgZ33KGj4zBA))