How many blogs is too many?

I regularly post to three blogs. This one, which used to be work related, is now sort of miscellaneous. I try to keep my other blog @the.coalface, which is a multi-user WordPress blog hosted at my University, focussed on my reflections on my experiments with education technology. And I am a regular contributor to the Swansea Learning Lab community blog, where I typically re-post interesting items of e-learning inspiration and that I find in my daily trawl of my RSS feeds. 

However, it seems that I could do even more. As a member of the [Eduspaces]( and [Classroom2.0]( community networks, I have two more blogs available to me. As an academic I have an entry on []( and could have a blog. I [microblog]( on Twitter. I [share favourites]( from Google Reader, my [delicious bookmarks]( and some of [my photos]( on Flickr. I even have some module related blogs in Blackboard for some of the courses that I teach. So is this all too much? Am I spreading myself too thin?
I have dabbled with various ways to aggregate all these strands of my life on line. For example, I have created a [Swurl page](, a [FriendFeed](, a [Tumblr blog]( and a [Netvibes public page]( I even have a [Yahoo! Pipe]( which aggregates some (but not all) of these and generates an RSS feed!
So which is the real me? Which should you follow?