Google I/O 2010: Keynote 2

More from Google I/O 2010.

**Google Android **
See keynote video [part 1](
– An alternative to iPhone and its single device, single carrier model, single source of applications model. Some stats: 100,000+ new activations per day; 2nd in US smart phone sales but first in US web an app usage; 1 billion miles navigated with turn-by-turn navigation app; 5x increase in google search on smart phones; 50,000 apps available; Did I lock myself into the wrong phone on the wrong network when I bought my iPhone last year?
– Android 2.2: speed – JIT compiler for Dalvic Vitual Machine.

See keynote video [part 2](
– Enterprise features: MS Exchange friendly; device management API.
– Application data backup API; cloud-to-device messaging API.
– A feature that makes an android phone connected to 3G into a WiFi hotspot(!) for other devices.

**The Android Browser**

– Improved browser performance.
– For the future: extending ideas pioneered with the HTML5 geo-location feature a future version of android will be able to use the accelerometer to provide tilt in the browser …

See keynote video [part 3](
– … access the camera from within the browser; record sound from within the browser (for voice activated Google search); speech recognition and speech activated phone features; voice activated translation!!
– Support for flash in the browser!

**Android Market Place**
– Search can be filtered for apps to make them easier to find. Apps can be put on an SD card. Applications can all be updated at the same time; Automatic updating is coming.

See keynote video [part 4](
– Bug reporting from apps back to the market place.
– In the future you’ll be able to use a desktop browser to select an app, it’s downloaded over the internet. It works with music too. It will work from your desktop music library as well; allowing you to stream your music to your device (providing the desktop is turned on presumably).

– Do I really want ads on my phone? I see a glimpse of the white cat here!

See keynote video [part 5]( for more on advertising and …
**New hardware**
– You needed to be there!

There was more from the second keynote but it’s not yet on line.