Google docs launches presentation tool

And Common Craft tells you why it matters!

On on Tuesday 18th September, Google [announced]( the arrival of a new collaborative presentation tool which they call simply *presentation *. Annew member of the [Google Docs suite]( (which already includes a collaborative Word Processor and a Spreadsheet application), *presentation* provides a web-based tool for creating and developing presentations. It’s not as capable as PowerPoint, but probably passes the 80-20 rule. Plus it’s collaborative (you can share presentation development duties with others) and web publishable. Here’s a [quick and dirty presentation]( I made to test the tool and its sharing capabilities. If you’d like to test it’s collaboration capabilities, leave me a comment with your email and I’ll share it with you. In a carefully timed release, our friends at [Common Craft](, released another “plain english” video to [explain why collaborative tools like Google Docs]( are important. It’s Google centric (presumably Google commisioned the video), but the central tenets apply to other collaborative systems even *sharepoint*. Are you ***listening ***dear colleagues of mine!

Here’s the video:

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