Friendfeed groups – a social network for PLENK2010?

In response to George Siemens’ Week 4 discussion topic “Is it the topic or the period in the course?“, Vahid Masrour said

“I have a suggestion… posted in my blog [Where is MOOC’s social network?”], but in a nutshell, i think the MOOC should provide better+easier means to ‘cluster’ for the participants. A Facebook-like profile if you will.”

In one of the comments to Vahid’s post, Rita Kop said:

“We were hoping you as participants would come up with these groups/ connections. Please start these initiatives and get people involved. In a conenctivist [sic] learning event we can all manage, organise and develop structures.”

I saw that as a challenge, and thinking that Friendfeed might be the scaffold on which to build such an ad hoc social network — other possibilities, e.g. Ning or Elgg costing money or hosting to set up — I went ahead and created a public group. The URL is come on over and see what you think.

This is cross posted from the reply “[friendfeed as missing PLENK2010 social network?](” which is part of  the Week 2 discussion: [Scaffolds and helpful hints for [PLENK2010] course started by Susan O’Grady]