“Goodnight, and Good Luck”

In a knowing echo to Edward R. Murrow’s indictment of Senator Joe McCarthy (recently immortalized in George Clooney’s film film), Keith Olbermann has used the closing of his eve-of-July 4thMSNBC Countdown program (link includes video) to publicly castigate the current President and Vice President of the United States – suggesting that they both resign. To paraphrase the tag line:

“I didn’t vote for him,” [John Wayne referring to JFK] once said, “But he’s my president, and I hope he does a good job.”

That—on this eve of the 4th of July—is the essence of [U.S.] democracy, in 17 words. And that is what President Bush threw away yesterday in commuting the sentence of Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

Powerful stuff! Thanks for SassyBlonde for bringing this to my attention!