and Firefox integration

Continuing the saga of the Firefox 3 (FF3) trial, I just installed the beta version of the plugin for Firefox 3 (see previous post). Bookmarks are one of the key new features of have FF3 (see Top 10 Firefox 3 Features (Lifehacker) and Create Your Own Smart Bookmarks on Cybernotes), and I was interested in seeing how they worked with the new plugin. I made a small Jing screencast (sorry no sound) which shows that the plugin works much the same way as it did on FF2 with one small difference. If you bookmark using FF3 bookmarks, a pop-up asks you if you want to also bookmark at too. This might prove either to be useful or annoying depending on how you regard pop-ups! [A similar feature was already present in the Flock browser]

Personally, I rarely use browser-local bookmarks because I move around from machine to machine and rely on the internet to keep my collection in one place and available everywhere. However, perhaps with the advanced bookmarking features added to FF3, the integration and FF3 bookmarking tools may prove to be a winning combination.