Connecting to Connected Courses

So, yesterday I was browsing my twitter feed and favourited a post from Helen Keegan tagged #whyIteach accompanied by the #ccourses hashtag. Today I noticed a tweet from DML Research Hub “Channelling Engelbart: Augmenting Human Education” in which Howard Rheingold interviews Gardner Campbell — also tagged #ccourses. Digging a little deeper I find that #ccourses refers to the Connected Courses course and realised that it’s another connected MOOC-like thing facilitated by some of the usual suspects. It’s been running two weeks already.

But, hey! It’s never to late to dive into a cMOOC.

Like many open courses of this nature, you join by registering a your blog. (Indeed some of the facilitators might insist on you having first registered a domain of your own first). There has to be a post to make that registration valid. And this is that post.

As to properly engaging … I’ve got a little orientation and catching up to do first.