Bike Ride: NCR 43 Swansea to Pontardawe

[![](]( Took a trip up [National Cycle Route 43 ]( Swansea to Pontardawe and back. It was a very windy day and the last 3 miles along Swansea bay was into the wind and a bit of a killer. In other news, my wife Renate got a puncture and had to push her bike home from the Liberty Stadium while I went on ahead to cook the dinner. Puncture repair kit will be next on my shopping list (some would probably say it should have been first).
Pictured (left) is one of the 1000 way-posts that The Royal Bank of Scotland have sponsored on the national cycle network. This [![](]( is about 100 m from the Pontardawe Inn which is also pictured.
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