OneNote Class Notebook – Your Next VLE?

At last year’s SALT conference (#SUSALT17), I ran a session on using the OneNote Class Notebook (ONCN) with the same title as this post. The title, of course, was meant to be provocative, but having used the OneNote Class Notebook for three years now, I believe that it has great potential, is getting a lot of love from Microsoft, and deserves to be more widely known.

In this series of posts, I will attempt to open up my 2017 talk to a wider audience and bring in a discussion of Teams for Education, demonstrate the new ONCN plugin for Blackboard, and showcase my own use of ONCN in teaching.

To start things off, I’ll repeat what I did in my talk and start with a survey.

Please feel free to complete it. I’ll report the findings in a few days time.