Must be Some Kind of Record

Talk about information overload! I currently have 1675 unread items on my main blog roll in [Bloglines]( I just exported the OPML file of my subscriptions and imported it into [Flock’s]( RSS aggregator but as I’m sure that this only shows a few days worth, I’ll feel guilty forever unless I go through the list on Bloglines. I have to say Flock’s RSS reader is lovely to look at and very slick. If it also stored the subscriptions (and reading history) on the web as Bloglines does, it’d be a definite candidate to replace Bloglines. Maybe Bloglines and Flock will come to a similar arrangement to that in place for Flickr, and blogger.
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Free Basecamp Clone in PHP5 and MySQL

As reported today on TechCrunch Serbian developer Ilija Studen has released a free clone of the popular project management service Basecamp. Studen’s product is called ActiveCollab. It differs from Basecamp (a hosted web application for which, if you have more than one project or a team larger than 2, you pay a monthly subscription to use) in that the product is free and open source. It is also a PHP5/MySQL application that indiduals, small companies, and even, presumably, Universities can download and install on their own web server. Not sure what code quality and community support is or will be like, but certainly one to watch I think.

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