Ward Cunningham on Channel 9

John Udell points to two great little nuggets from an Channel9 interview of Ward Cunningham, inventor of the Wikki. Ward talks about the difficulties of programming in the modern context and how the Wikki came to be. Nice to see what Ward looks like too.

Jam Tomorrow

Something to look into:

“JAM leverages the new import and target override features of Ant 1.6 to create a reusable, consistent Java build framework. JAM modules support JBoss, XDoclet, JUnit, Cactus, Struts, Castor, Resin and MDA/UML code generation. Maven’s POM and repository features are supported via a Maven-to-Ant bridge.”


p>Thanks to New Build Tool: J2EE + Ant = JAM on theServerSide.

Using Velocity with Jython

I need to develop a web application to allow student upload of Java programs for testing. A Jython servlet with some form of template engine for presentation may be part of the solution (full framework J2EE application seems overkill!). I came across several interesting articles after a simple Google search for Velocity and Jython. This one is definitely worth another look later: Pythlet.

Does this work?

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