How to Write a Technical Report

In another experiment in Web 2.0 for learning technologies I recorded a soundtrack for a presentation that I make annually to my first, second and final year students, and put it up on Slideshare. This wonderful site is a social sharing site for PowerPoint files. It allows the usual social networking features. So you can upload a PowerPoint presentation, tag it, share it, and comment on others. You can also link it to an MP3 track, and there’s an easy to use tool for synchronizing the audio track to the slides.

Because I tend to use slides that, because of copyright, may not be publishable in this way and my recorded lectures are recorded and published as podcasts which have to be listened to with a copy of the downloads slides. However, Slideshare has real potential as an alternative presentation medium. It certainly compares favourably with to the expensive desktop tools that do the same sort of thing. It’s also really easy, which desktop tools often aren’t!

Here’s the presentation. Leave your comments here or on the Slideshare site.

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