Google Custom Search Engine for #PLENK2010

At Tony Hirst’s suggestion (see comments to previous post), I followed Alan Levine’s instructions and created a custom google search engine derived from Stephen Downes ‘feed of feeds’ OPML file. It took a couple of attempts as it’s not clear on the Google Custom Search Engine creation page just what you have to do, and the order you have to do it, but with Alan’s post and a bit of perseverance I worked it out.

I am therefore pleased to announce that there is now a Custom Search engine (CSE) for PLENK2010. And it can be made into a gadget (for a blog, wiki, iGoogle, but not it seems for NetVibes!) which looks like this:

A word of caution, the search engine is based on the 133 blog feeds that, at the time of writing, Stephen had collected in the PLENK gRSS-hopper (which includes the twitter stream). It doesn’t restrict search to #PLENK2010 posts. To do that, include the term #plenk2010 in the search.

Try it!

Stop Press

@mhawksey added Google Instant magic using the techniques described in How to Google Instant(ise) a Custom Search Engine (CSE). See improved PLENK2010 Google Custom Instant Search. Nice!