To Be or Not to Be?

[Cross posted from my Work Blog.]


Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet, with Yorick's skull (photographer: James Lafayette, c. 1885–1900).
Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet, with Yorick’s skull (photographer: James Lafayette, c. 1885–1900). Image from Wikimedia Commons as published in Hamlet (Wikipedia).

I’ve had a work blog, courtesy of my employer Swansea University, for a number of years, but rarely use it.

Instead, I tend to post most often in this personal blog.

So, at the start of this new year, a time for reflection and resolutions, I find myself asking myself should I keep this blog and start using it more systematically or should I abandon it?

In answering this, I suppose I intended my work blog to be a place for reflecting on my teaching and learning and to support my students taking my courses?

This blog was meant to be more personal, but in reality, takes on more of these work-related issues than my work blog does.

Should I, therefore, copy the posts over from my work blog to this blog, and have a single place to reflect? Or should I leave things as they are?

For an open practitioner (as I hope that I am) Is there an advantage in having separate work and personal blogs?

Are there disadvantages?

Which is the real me?

What do you think?